My Favourite VST Plug-in… (and its a free one)

Here we go, something to write about already… and its inspired by a good friend of mine Andy Nathan aka Tang. Recently, Andy featured one of my newest tunes (‘Trump’ feat G.R.E.Ed.S) on his podcast ( as one of his favourite tracks from 2011. I really was honoured to be on this list and feature alongside such artists as Ali Jamieson, Cara Winter and Mikill Pain, to name a few. Andy recently asked me how I made the ‘stuttery’ synths throughout the track and I didn’t really give him the correct answer- for some odd reason (mainly the bubbles in the Cava I was drinking at the time), I gave an almost non-related answer. I am going to correct myself now and briefly explain how I achieved that effect, with ease, using a really cool plug-in… and it’s free.

Glitch VST can be found and downloaded for free at , and does exactly what it says on the tin- its a glitch plug-in! It processes the audio you send through it and allows you to insert various FX rhythmically, allowing you to create some fantastic and unique sounds. I have used this VST Plug-in on synth parts for years, but as my computer isn’t very powerful, I tend to export the midi parts out of Cubase as audio, once I am happy with the overall synth sound. This free’s up my CPU for further audio processing. When programming the main chord progression for ‘Trump,’ I was using a soft textured pad from the A1 VST Synth found on Cubase. Once the part was exported and re-intergrated into the arrangement as an audio WAV, I added reverb and a bit-crusher initially to give the pad a grittier sound. After I was happy with the grit, I added Glitch VST and mainly used the Gate and Tape Stop effect (as sparsely as I could over a 2 bar loop) along with a little modulation, which instantly created the ‘stutter.’ It was at this point that I started ‘chopping’ small segments out of the WAV to create any gaps and breaks in the music.

Anyone out there that makes music but doesn’t yet have this Plug-in, should get themselves over to and get it now. Even if you are not into your Glitch type IDM tunes, you will get much use out of this little puppy, I am sure.

Please check out the Tang Podcast ( to hear all of the artists mentioned in this podcast, and more!



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One response to “My Favourite VST Plug-in… (and its a free one)

  1. i must admit that i have been using Glitch ever since you showed it to me and i think it is a great tool, carrying a fair bit of diversity between the effects and making them as subtle or hard hitting as you so desire means that is not just a one trick pony either

    enjoying the blog so far, keep it up!

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