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The internet is full of treasures when it comes to music making and I thought I would take a little bit more time to just point you in the direction of Many of you may be aware of this highly useful site and of course there are more out there, but I would highly recommend any budding musicians, producers and DJ’s to check it out. Not only does this site cater for guitarists, bassist and drummers extremely well, with quality reviews, tutorials and regularly updated features, but it also supplies producers and DJ’s with the same content. Some of the tech video tutorials are really worth checking out- whether you want to learn how to programme Dub Step bass lines or how to sample in Reason, they cover so much across all DAWs. The REAL highlight for me though, are the thousands of free samples available to download and use in your music. Hits, loops and multis  from all genres in high quality sample formats- for absolute FREE! You will also find extensive lists of more free software/VST’s available from some of the best developers out there, including the Glitch VST mentioned in the previous blog, which they have listed as one of the top free VSTs. Theres so much to explore on this site, check it out…



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I am a a musician, writer, producer and music facilitator.

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