Martin is a musician and facilitator working around London and the East of England. His varied career in music has seen him play all over the country and abroad, with many different artists and bands. From fudge farms to festivals, care homes to corporate events, Martin has much experience as a gigging musician. He became interested in sound engineering and music production as a teenager and landed a job in a recording studio as a tea boy., later learning his craft in audio production.

In 2005, Martin was accepted on to a training course with Youth Music, in Thurrock, and developed his talents in facilitation. Since then, he has established himself in the East of England, as a talented Community Musician and Project Manager. His combined experience of his career as a musician and as a music facilitator, has complimented his work a great deal and allowed him to develop and sustain excellent working opportunities within this fieldphoto


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I am a a musician, writer, producer and music facilitator.

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