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The internet is full of treasures when it comes to music making and I thought I would take a little bit more time to just point you in the direction of Many of you may be aware of this highly useful site and of course there are more out there, but I would highly recommend any budding musicians, producers and DJ’s to check it out. Not only does this site cater for guitarists, bassist and drummers extremely well, with quality reviews, tutorials and regularly updated features, but it also supplies producers and DJ’s with the same content. Some of the tech video tutorials are really worth checking out- whether you want to learn how to programme Dub Step bass lines or how to sample in Reason, they cover so much across all DAWs. The REAL highlight for me though, are the thousands of free samples available to download and use in your music. Hits, loops and multis ¬†from all genres in high quality sample formats- for absolute FREE! You will also find extensive lists of more free software/VST’s available from some of the best developers out there, including the Glitch VST mentioned in the previous blog, which they have listed as one of the top free VSTs. Theres so much to explore on this site, check it out…



My Favourite VST Plug-in… (and its a free one)

Here we go, something to write about already… and its inspired by a good friend of mine Andy Nathan aka Tang. Recently, Andy featured one of my newest tunes (‘Trump’ feat G.R.E.Ed.S) on his podcast ( as one of his favourite tracks from 2011. I really was honoured to be on this list and feature alongside such artists as Ali Jamieson, Cara Winter and Mikill Pain, to name a few. Andy recently asked me how I made the ‘stuttery’ synths throughout the track and I didn’t really give him the correct answer- for some odd reason (mainly the bubbles in the Cava I was drinking at the time), I gave an almost non-related answer. I am going to correct myself now and briefly explain how I achieved that effect, with ease, using a really cool plug-in… and it’s free.

Glitch VST can be found and downloaded for free at , and does exactly what it says on the tin- its a glitch plug-in! It processes the audio you send through it and allows you to insert various FX rhythmically, allowing you to create some fantastic and unique sounds. I have used this VST Plug-in on synth parts for years, but as my computer isn’t very powerful, I tend to export the midi parts out of Cubase as audio, once I am happy with the overall synth sound. This free’s up my CPU for further audio processing. When programming the main chord progression for ‘Trump,’ I was using a soft textured pad from the A1 VST Synth found on Cubase. Once the part was exported and re-intergrated into the arrangement as an audio WAV, I added reverb and a bit-crusher initially to give the pad a grittier sound. After I was happy with the grit, I added Glitch VST and mainly used the Gate and Tape Stop effect (as sparsely as I could over a 2 bar loop) along with a little modulation, which instantly created the ‘stutter.’ It was at this point that I started ‘chopping’ small segments out of the WAV to create any gaps and breaks in the music.

Anyone out there that makes music but doesn’t yet have this Plug-in, should get themselves over to and get it now. Even if you are not into your Glitch type IDM tunes, you will get much use out of this little puppy, I am sure.

Please check out the Tang Podcast ( to hear all of the artists mentioned in this podcast, and more!


Big Things for 2012?

So, 2012 is here an I promised myself that I would start a blog… So here it is.
My aim is to update this regularly with entries reflecting on my musical journey, as an artist and music facilitator- Sharing some of my experiences, with the hope that this year will be even more exciting and interesting than the last. 2012 is looking exciting for my music and my work opportunities. I will be blogging about exciting community and youth projects that i work on and come across/useful links and music making tools/fellow musicians/friends/facilitators/artists and of course my own music journey as a writer and artist. Let’s see how this pans out…