Music Career in Brief…

2015 -Credit as Guitarist on “Shining” Lara Lee (The Voice) unreleased
2014 Guitarist for live set at the Jazz Cafe with Ruth Koleva & the Remedies
2014 -Album credits as Guitarist on “Dubcatcher” DJ Vadim (BBE)
2014 -Solo music debuted on Tom Robinsons Mixtape on BBC 6 Music
2014 -Featured on BBC 6 Music Introducing
2014 -Featured interview on BBC Three Counties Introducing
2014 -Featured on Fresh on the Net
2013 -Guitarist for live set at the Jazz Cafe with Slakah the Beatchild (BBE) & the Remedies
2013 -Album credits as Drum Tech on “Blame Miss Barclay” Mikill Pane (Mercury)
2013 -Guitarist for live set at the Seabright Arms with Mikill Pane & the Remedies
2013 -Album credits as Writer, Vocalist and Guitarist on “Dial H For Hot Donkey” Hot Donkey
2012 -Guitarist for live set at Ronnie Scotts with Jazz Bailey
2012 -Session Guitarist for Sample Magic, Hed Kandi Sample Pack
2012 -Album credits as Writer and Vocalist on “The Cook…” Hot Donkey
2011 -Guitarist for live set at Lovebox with Dionne Reid
2011 -Performed at Glastonbury with J-Treole (Dance Village, the Common, Shangri-La)
2011 -Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest finalist as part of J-Treole
2010 -Credit as Guitarist and Sound Engineer on “Run, Walk, Crawl EP” J-Treole
2010 -Credit as Vocalist on “The Carrot EP” Hot Donkey
2009 -Guitarist for live set at the Jazz Cafe with J-Treole
2007 -Credit as Producer “The Minor Details EP” J-Treole
2004 -Credits as Writer and Producer for “Crucial Crew”, Educational DVD
2003 -Credit as Writer “Here I Am” Louisa Alexander (BMN/High Barn)
2001 -Credit as Assistant Engineer “Kenny Ball” Kenny Ball and His Jazz Men
2001 -Credit as Sound Engineer “Summoning Moira” Nermal (BMN)
2001 -Credit as Sound Engineer “Aklowa” Aklowa (BMN)


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